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Clothing Optional Fridays

  1. Addict (MP3)
  2. Party or a Train Wreck (MP3)
  3. Grounded (MP3)
  4. Thoroughly Modern (MP3)
  5. Thank God for My Stalker (MP3)
  6. Sinners (MP3)
  7. 1500 Miles (MP3)
  8. Keepin' The Truck (MP3)
  9. Growing Up (MP3)
  10. You Are The One (MP3)
  11. Don't Tell Me It's Over (MP3)
  12. The Bottom Line (MP3)

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Naked Thursdays

  1. Closer To Me (MP3)
  2. Georgia (MP3)
  3. Make Myself Laugh (MP3)
  4. Analyze Another Day (MP3)
  5. Must Love Dogs (MP3)
  6. Not Sleeping (MP3)
  7. Eyes Open Wide (MP3)
  8. Precious (MP3)
  9. Whiskey & Duct Tape (MP3)
  10. The New LA Blues (MP3)

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Sean Wiggins - The Kitchen Sink CDThe Kitchen Sink

  1. Into The Blue (MP3)
  2. I'm Not Your Maid (MP3)
  3. Watchin’ The World Go By (MP3)
  4. Cold Wind (MP3)
  5. Crazy (MP3)
  6. Taking It Slow (MP3)
  7. You Done Me Wrong (MP3)
  8. Old #7 (MP3)
  9. The Catchiest Song (MP3)
  10. More (MP3)
  11. Whole Enchilada (MP3)
  12. Always (MP3)
  13. Watchin’ The World Go By (acoustic) (MP3)

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Sean Wiggins - Everyday Life CDEveryday Life

  1. Long Ago (MP3)
  2. Business As Usual (MP3)
  3. Lucky In Love (MP3)
  4. Can't Get Rid Of Me (MP3)
  5. Everyday Life (MP3)
  6. If You Had A Heart (MP3)
  7. Mercury In Retrograde (MP3)
  8. Destiny's Calling (MP3)
  9. I Can't Remember Last Night (MP3)
  10. Lazy Susan (MP3)
  11. Before I Fall (MP3)
  12. The Orchid Lounge (MP3)
  13. You On My Mind (MP3)

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Sean Wiggins Next Time AroundI Gotta Be Me

  1. LA Blues (MP3)
  2. Lucky in Love (MP3)
  3. I Gotta Be Me (MP3)
  4. You On My Mind (MP3)
  5. Anyway It Happens (MP3)
  6. Grandpa (MP3)
  7. Remember Spring (MP3)
  8. Mercury in Retrograde (MP3)
  9. Isn't There More (MP3)
  10. Who Died And Left You Boss (MP3)
  11. Place In My Heart (MP3)
  12. Baby Let's Make Up For Christmas (MP3)

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Sean Wiggins Next Time AroundNext Time Around

  1. All These Years (MP3)
  2. What If (MP3)
  3. Next Time Around (MP3)
  4. No Difference (MP3)
  5. My Best Friend (MP3)
  6. Before I Fall (MP3)
  7. Hopeful (MP3)
  8. Enjoy The Ride (MP3)
  9. Unrequited (MP3)
  10. Don't Worry Why Bother (MP3)

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Sean Wiggins - 1000 Steps CD - Acoustic Singer Songwriter1000 Steps

  1. That's a Fact (MP3)
  2. Wash Over Me (MP3)
  3. VW Hatchback (MP3)
  4. Into The Blue (MP3)
  5. 1000 Steps (MP3)
  6. Lazy Susan (MP3)
  7. Destiny's Calling (MP3)
  8. Lizard Man (MP3)
  9. Hollywood Breakdown (MP3)
  10. Fair Weather (MP3)
  11. Little Things (MP3)
  12. Follow My Lead (MP3)

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Promotional Rendition for Ice 9 Foamworks

For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield) • (MP3)

Sean Wiggins LiveLive (All Natural, No Preservatives

  1. Can't You See (Marshall Tucker) • (MP3)
  2. Business As Usual • (MP3)
  3. You Shook Me (AC/DC) • (MP3)
  4. L.A. Blues • (MP3)
  5. Grandpa • (MP3)
  6. Into The Blue • (MP3)

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