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Clothing Optional Fridays is a relatable and rollicking reality-check that just happens to feature some great vocals and pretty mean guitar licks. Sean Wiggins & lOne gOat take their seasoned songwriting skills and put them on glorious display with this record.”
-Heidi Drockelman, Indie-Music.com

Thank you for a great concert! I had nothing but wonderful comments. The mayor from our city to the south has already secured your phone number. You have a beautiful voice and great musicians. Again, thank you, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening.
-Patricia Lozano, City of Santa Fe Springs

... with a voice that is reminiscent of Melissa Etheridge and Bonnie Raitt but a style that outshines any comparisons.
-Santa Barbara Independent

Remember, your indie CD collection won't be complete until you throw in The Kitchen Sink!
-Kweevak / Soundpress

I still don't understand why this L.A.-based bluesy country-rocker who sounds like a cross between Melissa Etheridge and Mary Chapin Carpenter isn't a huge star. Her lastest 13-cut album proves that she should be.
-Curve Magazine

Wiggins never ceases to amaze me with the depth of her talent, both as a musician and as a songwriter

(The Kitchen Sink) is the first CD I've heard in a long time that was original without being outrageous.
-Talk Publications

"Well, the guitars and vocals are hot enough to cook my dinner tonight, so go ahead and get’rdone ... and I’m glad Sean is willing to put the truth out there in a fun, but meaningful way. And you have to hear the slide solo! ... Shoutout for Watchin' The World Go By."

From the first tune I'm totally hypnotized by Sean Wiggins. What a captivating voice! This is by far her best album. I catch my head boppin' to each song. Wiggins has a folky country thing going here and I love it!
- GoGirls Music

"Wiggins could easily be misidentified as a simple singer/songwriter, but what she does is so much more. She actually takes you into her world and makes you feel right at home… never predictable or boring.
- Music Connection

"Sean Wiggins could be the next Melissa Etheridge – if only the music industry would notice her."
- Curve Magazine

"She sounds to me like a blues mamma, with a touch of twang."
- Indie-Music.com

"Another round of fantastic tunes executed with supreme talent – we highly recommend you git yerself a copy of The Kitchen Sink."
- Boston Girl Guide

"If rock critics compare you to Melissa then you must be good, and Sean Wiggins is ..."
- Lavender Lens

"Alternative mixed with country and a sprinkling of troubadour folk-rock. Kind of like Bonnie Raitt singing with Beck’s band doing Woody Guthrie if Woody Guthrie just finished reading E.E. Cummings"
- Music Industry Newswire, Scott G

"Sean Wiggins, a centered and attention-grabbing, blue-eyed soul diva, easily maintained control from the get go…"
- Bam Magazine

The Kitchen Sink's a must have for all music lovers...
-Gwenn Lemmons, RTV Hengelo

“Sean Wiggins, whose powerful vocals easily recall the best qualities of Janis Joplin … and Sass Jordan…”
-Album Network

“Business As Usual,” is a foot-stomping, beer-drinking, hand-clapping hit with a great story with some sweet revenge at the end.
... there’s definitely a country girl lingering in this blue-eyed, blue-jeaned city girl, and fans of Shelby Lynne and Terri Clark will love Sean's style.
-OC Metro

"Her music's rough edges and down-home sensibilities give her work the feel of a close friend just kicking back, having fun, and letting it rip."

"Superior musicianship and expert delivery just plain old catchy tunes and each track presented a smorgasbord of style."

"Her songwriting and vocals are as strong as ever ... proving once again the incredible power of playing with other musicians."

“If Melissa Etheridge went a bit more country and a bit more bluesy she may sound like L.A.'s Sean Wiggins. Sean interjects ballads with incredible passion … Great lyrics are another plus …”
-Music Morsels

"[I Gotta Be Me] has an extra special feel- like a field trip of genuineness inside the heart & mind of this clever artist."
-Boston Girl Guide

"That sweet, tough, bluesy voice contains such richness, depth, and subtle nuances that change with each breath.“
- Indie-Music.com

“The music moves through a variety of styles … from up-tempo country flavored tunes with silky slides to songs that feature the blues and smoky vocals. Sean Wiggins is a multi-talented musician and her latest release is delightful ...!”
- Kweevak.com

"Sean Wiggin's creativity has a sassy streak that will bring a smile to your face. All the songs on this CD are catchy enough to be considered pop, but can be authenticated as bluesy or funky because of the awesome talent of all the players."

-Boston Girl Guide.
“Wiggins wrings every drop of emotion from the lyrics. like some 60s pop diva: Dusty, say, or Janis, or Patsy, or Aretha.”
-Baltimore Press

Apparently someone got a bit experimental in the chem lab and mixed the DNA of Janis Joplin and Melissa Etheridge.

"Wiggins offers up a delicious collection of beautiful and bittersweet songs on "Next Time Around." Inspired by past relationships, Wiggin's delivers her poetic message of life, love and heartbreak in her lovely soulful vocal style complimented by her incredible guitar playing."

“Sean Wiggins connects with people. Her songs have heart, her music is beguiling, and she is a joy to have around.”
- Houston Women's Fest

“Listening to Sean Wiggins is like opening her diary and reading it at your leisure. Her style is similar to that of Sheryl Crow and Jewel. Her heartwarming storytelling gift, soft expressive voice, and ability to express feelings that relate to her audience are Wiggins' keys to success.”
-Music Connection

Sean is an incredibly passionate songwriter... and, what an amazing performer ... she is one of the few jewels out of L.A. ... Sean has the class, the talent and the star-power to make a significant and positive impact on the music-buying populace as well as in an industry that could use more artists like Sean Wiggins.
-Underground Tech Review

“Sean has a wide range and great command. Visual lyrics and enchanting vocals capture the depth and tone that Wiggins can achieve. Sean Wiggins is a captivating composer who sings from the heart. She brings sassiness and sensitivity to her music and her latest CD has soul and sprit!”
- Kweevak.com

“This doesn't sound like work that should be coming from a cute young blonde from Los Angeles, but it is....“
- Boston Girl Guide

Wiggins won us all over from the first few chords she blared out at us and never ceased to amaze … She is, without a doubt, the most remarkable and strong ... performer I have seen in years."
- FileThirteen.com in re: Koop Stonewall Media Festival, Austin Texas

"I’ve reviewed Wiggins before, and each time I think she can’t pull any more surprises on me, she proves me wrong. I’ve never heard her sound this good. That sweet, tough, bluesy voice contains such richness, depth, and subtle nuances that change with each breath."

"Keep an eye out for Sean Wiggins...she's bound to go a lot further than that green VW will take her!"

"VW Hatchback" has such a great feel, best described as a marriage of 70’s soul and progressive folk. I couldn’t sit still through this one and you won’t either.
-Three Wishes Records

"Sean Wiggins comes clean with an amazing 5-song, self-titled independent release... You may listen to her and hear Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, and Etta James in the body of a small-framed girl."
-Say What

"There's one word that best describes my feelings for Sean Wiggins... TALENTED!"

“The beauty of Wiggins' work is that she takes the best from all her influences and seamlessly creates a sound that is all her own.”
- Three Wishes Records

"Sean Wiggins is a singer/songwriter on her way up. And I mean up to the top. Check her out!"

"Her accompanist, Paul Houston on electric guitar also rocked the house and his tasty solos were well-received!"
-Girls With Guitars

Sean Wiggins