The Kitchen Sink CDThe Kitchen Sink


All Music* & Lyrics† by Sean Wiggins*

*More & Into The Blue: Music by Sean Wiggins, Bret Helm, Monte McConnell & Chris Roe
*Watchin The World Go By: Music by Sean Wiggins & Paul Houston
*Crazy: Music by Sean Wiggins, Paul Houston, Robert Dill & Jim Patterson
*†Whole Enchilada: Lyrics & Music by Sean Wiggins & Jeddrah Schmit

Produced by Sean Wiggins & Paul Houston

All Songs © 2007 Wigmeister Music (BMI)

Publishing Rights Reserved: 2007 Wigmeister Music (BMI)

Recorded & Mixed at Five Cat Studios, CA

Engineered by Paul Houston at Five Cat Studios

Mixed by Paul Houston with the aid of Sean Wiggins

Mastered by Bruce Barielle, New Orleans, LA

Art Direction by Paul Houston with help from Sean Wiggins

Photos by Sandra Molina

Photos taken at Moe's Trading Post, Newhall, CA

lOne gOat Illustration, in all forms, by Marc R. Keller

Manufactured by CD Video Manufacturing, Inc.

Sean Wiggins - The Kithen SinklOne gOat Is:

Sean Wiggins: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar (plus Shaker & Harmonica)

Paul Houston: Electric & Slide Guitars (& Lead Acoustic)

Todd Connelly: Bass on all except More & Crazy

Robert Dill: Drums

Sylvia Owens: Bass on More

Jim Patterson: Bass on Crazy

Guest Musicians:

Linda Kodaira
(Violin on You Done Me Wrong)

(Percussion on Watchin The World Go By (acoustic))

Jeddrah Schmit
(Backing Vocals on Whole Enchilada)


This CD is near & dear to our hearts. We did it all on our lonesome, so this one is kinda special for our
catalogue! There is no rhyme or reason to the style of the tunes. We threw in everything ... including the Kitchen Sink. This goes against the grain for record companies, but since we are completely independent, we can play with goats, take silly photos, drink & make fun of ourselves on stage, and play lots of songs that all don't have to sound the same. For gOats like us (lOne or otherwise), the plan is to try to be our crazy selves as we enjoy our graze through the fields of life (tee hee).

Special Thanks:

Rachel Stone for entertainment and patience, Sue at Moe's Trading Post for the use of her place & her goats (Clarabelle, Chrissy & the rest of the gang), Lane & Susan for all of their support and help, Jerry & Liz Gilio, Julie Mosier, Carolina, Josie, Liz, Nikki, Paulina, Jeromy, Rima, Sig, Carolyn, Haley, Keith & Tina, the gOatees, all of our fans on the central coast, Madalyn Sklar, Paul's cats, my dogs, & a special thanks to
all of the other people who helped us make this happen.

Additional Notes:

As you have come this far, and read through all of our notes and special thanks, lOne gOat would like to give you a special insight into the making of The Kitchen Sink. This may bore you, but it should be known:

Noise & Cats

Sean Wiggins - The Kithen SinkThis CD was recorded in a studio that doubled as a computer consultant's office. As a result, the band would get together in the evening and wait until the other residents of the office complex left before recording. We're sure that, if you listen very closely, you will hear car doors slamming in the parking lot and the sound of the resident in fhe office upstairs as he stomped across his floor.

Also, the proprieter of said studio (okay, it was Paul Houston, the guitarist) had five cats (Kieren, Declan, Paddy, Fiona and Clyde) running rampant through the office during the recording and mixing of the CD. Clyde was paticularly insistent in letting us know that he didn't like loud and/or high-pitched noises. Listen closely and you'll hear him mewling in protest on at least 2 tracks.

Sean Wiggins - The Kithen SinkEconomics

In a perfect world, Paul (the engineer / guitarist) would have recorded the CD using approximately $12,000 worth of microphones and equipment. As rental of this equipment was not economically feasible, we used for a cheap set of Sure mics and 2 slightly "higher end" mics to record the entire CD (and a special thanks to Jim Patterson for letting us borrow his Neuman microphone to record the vocals). So ... we settled for about $1200 worth of microphones and equipment in the end, most of which were borrowed. This was Guerilla Studio at it's finest

Paul borrowed a Line6 acoustic and a Les Paul electric guitar to get some different sounds on a few of the tracks. While at a gig, his studio was burglarized and both were stolen along with his bass and acoustic guitar. All in all, about $3500 in equipment were taken. Paul's still paying off a loan he took out to pay back the owners of borrowed guitars.


Sean Wiggins - The Kithen SinkCold Wind was written by Sean about 2 days before the basic tracks were laid down. Robert had never heard the song before showing up to record his drum tracks. Then, in true lOne gOat fashion, Sean showed Robert the basic structure of the song (verse and chorus) and recorded while he played along. His first take was perfect as far as Sean was concerned so that is what you hear on this CD. All said and done, this amounted to 15 minutes of work on Robert's part. lOne gOat would like to acknowledge and appreciate Robert Dill's amazing talent.

FYI: Sean and Paul recorded Old #7 live in the studio. No overdubs were used (or harmed) in the creation of this track. Paul engineered and recorded the track at the same time. And yes, Sean is actually asking Paul "are you sure you don't need a shot?'" at the beginning of the song. This wasn't a staged addition to the track - they managed to finish off a pint of Old #7 and about a 12-pack of beer that evening.

Boring Engineering Notes

When these tracks were laid down, no compression was used. No outboard gear was used except for a tube preamp on vocals, guitars and snare/kick drums.

While mixing, only reverb and a tiny amount of compression were used on the instruments. On vocals, a minor amount of slapback delay & harmonizer were used on 2 tracks. Paul Houston, the engineer claims this is because he wanted to "keep the natural feel of the music intact", however, lOne gOat has it's suspicions he really just didn't know how to use all of those fancy gadgets on his computer. :)