Clothing Optional Fridays - Sean WigginsClothing Optional Fridays


All Music & Lyrics by Sean Wiggins

(Music and lyrics for Keepin' The Truck by Paul Houston; music for Thoroughly Modern by Sean Wiggins & Paul Houston)

Produced by Sean Wiggins & Paul Houston

All Songs © 2014 Wigmeister Music (BMI)

lOne gOat Is:

Sean Wiggins: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Paul Houston:
Electric Guitars, Mandolin (Acoustic Guitar on “Keepin’ The Truck”)
Bill Brennenstuhl (”Stuhlly”):
James Patterson:
Nick “Puppy Breath” Zyngraf:
Bass on ”Party or a Train Wreck," "Thoroughly Modern," & "Keeping The Truck"

Naked Thursdays  - Sean WigginsRecorded at:

Recorded & mixed at Five Cat Studios, Van Nuys, CA(drums recorded elsewhere but we can’t say where)

Engineered & mixed by Paul Houston

Mastered by Bruce Barielle, New Orleans, LA

Art direction by Paul Houston with help from Sean Wiggins

Photography by Jeffery (

Tray card and inside folder photo by Paul Houston

Lone Goat Illustration, in all forms, by Marc R. Keller

We couldn’t afford to print the lyrics, but you can get ‘em at

We went back to the basics on this CD and moved the location back to Five Cat Studios. Paul worked magic and produced a fabulous final product despite a nonexistant budget and a studio that’s held together with hope and duct tape! Thank goodness Paul is just plain brilliant!

With the band working together for such a long time now, the music just flowed from our souls. It really is an homage to what can be achieved if you don’t give up. I couldn't ask for a more talented group of guys.

Some of you may be wondering why nudity seems to have been a theme for the last few CD’s. I have to say I don't really know but it sure is fun and it seems to sell CD’s. Believe it or not, before Lone Goat, I was bashful.

A giant thanks to unnamed friends who helped us get this done on the minuscule budget we were dealing with! I gotta thank Perry Robertson, Bill Goodell, Eric’s Guitars, and Jeromy Adler. Thanks to all of our very devoted friends who keep showing up to listen and party with us and to all who keep hiring us which keeps food on our tables and gas in our tanks. Special thanks to Cara Hall & Sarah Hinton for putting up with our crazy schedules! Paul & I have done some serious gigging over the last ten years!

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